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C65N Mini Circuit Breaker

Application of C65N Mini Circuit Breaker

C65N Mini Circuit Breaker

C65N Mini Circuit Breaker

C65N MCB are suitable for circuit of AC 50HZ or 60HZ.rated voltage up to 400V, rated current up to 63A,they are mainly used in office,singe-pole lighting,distribution system for overload and short circuit protection.Its frame and parts adopt plastics of high fire resistant and shockproof.The product overload and short circuit protection, as well as for unfrequently switching on&of electric equipment and lighting circuit in normal case. The products comply with IEC60898.

Technical Parameter of C65N Mini Circuit BreakerC65N pDimension & Mounting

C65N MCB.1C65N MCB.2

Characteristics Curve Diagram


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