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inductive proximity switch LM12 series

inductive proximity switch LM12-3004 4mm detection space

inductive proximity switch

4mm detection space inductive proximity switch

Specification of LM12 series inductive proximity switch

1. Inductive type proximity switch, also named proximity sensor.
NPN output, PNP output , AC voltage working. Also 5VDC proximity sensor is available.
2. IP67 , water-proof function.
3. It has short-circuit, over-load, limited and surge protection

Detail specification as below:

Type DETECTION DISTANCE                            2mm
Flush DC 10-30V NPN NO LM12-3002NA
NC LM12-3002NB
NO+NC LM12-3002NC
PNP NO LM12-3002PA
NC LM12-3002PB
NO+NC LM12-3002PC
two wire system NO LM12-3002LA
NC LM12-3002LB
AC 90-250V SCR Control-lable silicon NO LM12-2002A
NC LM12-2002B
Relay output
DETECTION DISTANCE                            4mm
Non-Flush DC 10-30V NPN NO LM12-3004NA
NC LM12-3004NB
NO+NC LM12-3004NC
PNP NO LM12-3004PA
NC LM12-3004PB
NO+NC LM12-3004PC
two wire system NO LM12-3004LA
NC LM12-3004LB
AC 90-250V SCR Control-lable silicon NO LM12-2004A
NC LM12-2004B
Relay output
Controloutput DC 200mA
SCR/ Relay
Output voltagc dropDC/AC NPN/PNP<3V,Two wire<3.9V,AC<10V
Consumption current DC<15mA,AC<10mA
Standard detected object 15*15*1(A3 iron)
Repeated precision 0.01
DC/AC 400Hz/25Hz
Working environment temperature -25℃~+70℃
Insulation resistance 50MΩ
Shell material Metal

Order marks of inductive proximity switch, proximity sensor

  1. Working Voltage
  2. NPN or PNP NO, NC or NO+NC. If AC, 2wire or 3wire?
  3. Detection space

Drawing of LM12 series proximity sensor

inductive proximity switch drawing

inductive proximity switch drawing









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