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mppt mini solar charge controller SC2460

                MPPT mini solar charge controller SC2460 

mttp solar controller

mttp solar controller

mttp solar controller

mttp solar controller

mttp solar controller

mttp solar controller

2.Description of MPPT Solar controller

WS-L2460 12/24V, 40A/50A/60A MTTP Solar controller is controlled by micro-CPU and intelligently senses outside light. It will automatically turn on lights at dark. This controller also intelligently monitors battery charging and discharging. It will protect batteries by turning off lights automatically when the battery boltage is low. The controllers will floatcharge the batteries by pulse-width-modulation (PWM) automatically as the batteries approach full charge. It will cut off charging current to protest batteries from discharging through the solar panel at dark. The controller also has a protection circuit to prevent accidental damage.


  • 1. It can prevent the battery from over-charging and over-discharging.
  • 2. It can prevent reverse charging (the battery charges the solar panel).
  • 3. It can prevent reverse connection of the battery and solar panel.
  • 4. It will start up the lighting system in the evening automatically according to the intensity of the light.
  • 5. It will shut down the lighting system according to the time setting or shut down the lighting system automatically when it is dawn.

Indicator Light:The controller has a three color battery power indicator LED light, and a green load indicator light. They indicator of the working condition of charging and discharging:


L2460 40A

L2460 50A

L2460 60A

System voltage

12V/24V Automatic distinguish voltage

Max charge current




Max discharge current




Charge off voltage(HVD)


Low Voltage Directive(LVD)


Low Voltage Restore(LVR)


Light  operate

light control turn on + light control turn off

Light time control

Light control turn on/off + time control turn on/off

Time control classification

0.5 hours started,half an hour of one grade ,up to 10 hours

Out put route

single bulb

Ambient temperature


Safe degree


Quiescent dissipation


Max loop voltage drop

350 mV

Control method

Pulse Wide Frequency Modulation (PWM)

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