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NC-100H Miniature Circuit Breaker

Application of Miniature Circuit Breaker NC-100 MCB

NC-100 Miniature Circuit Breaker


NC-100H Mini Circuit Breaker

NC-100H high breaking capacity miniature circuit breaker is used for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, single pole 240V, 2,3,4 poles 415V for protecting the circuit that overload and short circuit may take place. It can be used in lighting and electric motor distribution system. Meantime, it is applicable to an unfrequent switch over the electric apparatus and lighting circuit under normal condition.They have protective function as shortage as overload, and are used in lighting distribution system in industry,commerce and dwelling, and protect fractional electric motors.And they also have many merits of high protective grade(up to IP20),high breaking capacity, reliable sensitive action, convenient, multipole assembling. long life etc。 The products comply with IEC60898.

Specification of Miniature Circuit Breaker NC-100 MCBNC-100 P

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