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General Purpose Relay MK2P 8Pin relays

General Purpose Relay MK2P 8Pin electromagnetic types of electrical relays


MK2P MK3P Electromechanical relay 10A 250VAC 28VDC General purpose plug In power relay for Sequence control and power switching
Reliable MK relays with silver contacts ensure a long service life. Easily check contact operation by mechanical indicator
and/or push-to-test button options.
– 8-pin DPDT and 11-pin 3PDT contact types
– Mechanical and LED operation indication
– Push-to-test button
– Diode and varistor surge suppression available
– 10 A rated load
– Reverse polarity models available
– All relays fit standard 8-pin or 11-pin round sockets
– RoHS compliant

– Contact form: DPDT, 3PDT
– Contact ratings: Resistive: 10 A at 250 VAC/28 VDC; Inductive: 7 A at 250 VAC
– Operate time: 20 ms max. (AC); 30 ms max. (DC)
– Release time: 20 ms max.
– Must operate voltage: 80% max. of rated voltage
– Must release voltage: 30% max. of rated voltage (AC); 15%max. (DC)
– Electrical service life: 100,000 operations minimum
– Dimensions: 34.5 H x 34.5 W x 52.5 D mm

Description of general purpose relay

JQX-38F 3Z 40A Main feature:
1. Contact parameter:
Contact type: 3Z, 3H, 3D;
Contact material: Silver alloy
Contact resistance: ≤ 50ohm(1A 24VDC)
Contact overload: 30A/40A 250VAC/24VDC
2. Performance parameter:
Insulation resistance: 500 ohms, 500VDC
Dielectric strength: Between coil and contact 2500VAC/1min
Among breaking contact 1500VAC/1min
Operate time: Sucking time ≤ 25ms
Release time ≤ 15ms
Terminal type: Plug-in, screw mounting
3. Coil parameter:
Rated coil power: 2. 5W, 5. 5VA
4. Outline size: 37. 5 x 55. 5 x42mm(length x width x depth)

mk2p general purpose relay

MK2p General Purpose Relay

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