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80-130W solar junction box, pv junction box

  • Solar Junction Boxwaterproof IP65 for Solar Panel connect PV junction box solarcable connection with diode

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  • Main speciality
    • with the capacity of age and UV-resistance;the junction box can be used in the atrocious weather.
    • found in outdoor use under harsh environmental conditions required
    • The cable is welded by welding method.
    • Welding connections is used for ribbon band.
    • The rated current will be changed when the box is fixed with different types of diode.
  • Dimension:74*74*24mm
    Rated voltage:1000V  DC
    Type of diode:10A10
    Safe class:Class Ⅱ
    Temperature range:﹣40℃ ~ +85℃
    Section area of Cable:1*2.5/4mm2
    Degree of protection:IP65
    Flame class:UL94-V0
    Contact material:Copper  Tin Plated
    Insulation material:PPO
       Type        Rated current
    PV-LH0801 6A

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