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JQX14F general purpose power relay

 JQX14F sealed general purpose power relay 12v 28v

  1.    JQX-14F general relay is widely suitable for DC or AC circuit switching in various automation devices,process control  and communication equipments etc.It has characteristic of stable performance, high reliability,capable of making and breaking relatively large load current, easy in maintenance and inspection as well as long service life. The plug-in base of  the relay is suitable for use with standard 8, 11 & 14 pins socket. They cover the rated current from 3A to 15A.

JQX-14FC-1H 照片 093 照片 094 照片 095

Technical info.  JQX14F General Purpose Relay

Type JQX-14FC
Contact type 1H,1D,1Z
Contact overload 10A  16A  240VAC  28VDC
Rated coil power DC0.05W  AC0.8VA
Coil specification 5~110VDC  6~220VAC
Outline dimensions 30×13×25.4mm
Carton size 342×263×325
Carton number 500
Net weight 9kg
Gross weight 10kg

Dimension&Performance Curve   JQX14FC General Purpose Relay

JQX14F General Purpose RelayJQX14F General Purpose Relay

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