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General purpose relay 12v JQX-13F(LY)

General purpose relay 12v JQX-13F(LY)

  • Introduction of general purpose relay:
  • Fundamental parameter of the main circuit
  • (1). Rated insulation voltage 660V.
  • (2). Rated working current 25,36,93A separately.
  • (3). The regulator seal of rated setting current and setting.
  • (4). Current of the thermal component(see list 1).
  • Auxiliary Circuit
  • (1). This is one pair of NO/ and N/C contact with electric insulation.
  • (2). Rated insulation voltage 550V.
  • (3). Rated frequently 50-60Hz.
  • (4). Use group,rated working voltage,appoint thermal current and rated current.


Contact form 2C 3C 4C
Rated load Resistive 10A/250VAC 30VDC 5A/250VAC 30VDC
Motor 1/3HP,120VAC1/2HP,240VAC 1/3HP,120VAC    1/6HP,240VAC
Operating power(Resistive) 2500VA 300W 12500VA 150W
Contact resistance(Initial) ≤50mΩ
Material Ag alloy
Electrical life1S,1S ≥105 cycles1800 Ops/h
Mechanical life300/1 ≥107 cycles18000 Ops/h
Operate voltage(at 25) DC:≤75%Rated voltage,AC:80%Rated voltage
Release voltage(at 25) DC:≥10%Rated voltage,AC:30%Rated voltage
Max.Allowed voltage(at 25) 110%Rated voltage
Insulation resistance ≥500MΩ(500VDC)
 Coil power        consumption DCW 0.9
ACVA 1.2
Operate time(Rated voltage) ≤20ms
Release time(Rated voltage) ≤20ms
Dielectric   Strength Between contacts 1000VAC/1minLeakage current 1 mA
Between contacts(different pole) 1000VAC/1minLeakage current 1 mA
Between contact and coil 1800VAC/1minLeakage current 1 mA
Ambient temperature -55+70
Humidity 35%85%RH
Atmospheric Pressure 86106KPa
Shock resistance 10GHalf a wave of pulses of sine11ms
Vibrtion resistance 1055Hz Dual amplitude1.0mm
Install model Plug-in terminals/PCB terminal
Weight 35g

jqx-13f -general-purpose-relayJQX-13F-general-purpose-relay


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