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JD1914 Auto Relay

JD1914 Auto Relay


Relay (Relay), also known as auto relay, is an electronic control device, it has a control system (also known as the input circuits) and the control system (also known as the output circuit), usually applied to the automatic control circuit, it is actually less current to control a larger current “auto switch”. In the circuit with auto-tuning, security protection, conversion circuits and so on.

Main relay type: PCB relay, General purpose relay, Power relay, Solid state relay and Auto Relay

Technical info.of JD1914 Auto Relay

Model JD1914 Auto Relay
Contact type 1Z,1H,1D
Contact overload 30A
Rated coil power 1.8W
Coil specification DC12V-24V
Outline dimensions 29×29×26.5mm
Carton size 340×310×345
Carton number 180
Net weight 15kg
Gross weight 16kg

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